Solarpark Panele in Albeniz
Barcience is a photovoltaic project located in the province of Toledo in central Spain.
Solarpark in Albeniz Spanien

The photovoltaic plant Barcience is under development and will have an installed capacity of approximately 36 MW.


Sustainability practices at Barcience project currently focus on biodiversity​​​ and landscape integration.

Planned measures within our sustainability framework of the project will include for example:

  • Perimeter vegetation with native shrub species on the outside of the plant in order to reduce the visual impact and improve the integration of the project with the environment;
  • A monitoring programme for avifauna and other species, both during the construction phase and during the first five years of the plant's operation;
  • Floristic inventories to identify those species that are most suitable for planting under the solar trackers;
  • Planting of interior tesserae;
  • Revegetation with thyme, esparto and other low-growing shrubs within the fencing in the free plots of the project to enhance breeding habitats for agricultural birds.


43 ha
revegetation area
40 ha
steppe for birds protection
falcons marked with GPS
nest boxes for birds