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Sustainability framework

Both at the project and corporate level, we integrate ESG through strategies, processes and initiatives designed to enhance the positive consequences of our activities on the environment and the society, and to reduce the negative ones in line with our values by:

  • Implementing sustainability aspects along our entire project lifecycle.
  • Partnering with local communities to better understand our responsibility and adapt stakeholder needs into project planning, development, and management.
  • Offering a diverse and inclusive working environment for our employees.


Aquila Clean Energy develops, realises and operates clean energy assets in the technologies solar, wind and battery storage. Our projects are long-term oriented and have a direct impact on the energy infrastructure in Spain. With this in mind, we are aware of our responsibility. Sustainability is embedded in our core business: we focus on assets that contribute to the climate change mitigation.

Aquila Clean Energy is committed to expanding Spain’s renewable energy portfolio in the coming years. Our goal is to play a key role in Spain's energy transition to mitigate climate change and accelerate the economy’s decarbonisation in a sustainable and economically sensible manner.

Pflanzen an einer Photovoltaikanlage


At Aquila Clean Energy, we are convinced that good governance is defined by responsible business behaviour, performance, and our long-term sustainability strategy. Therefore, we have defined a Sustainability Plan for Project Delivery (SPPD), which sets forth sustainability requirements for the projects.

The SPPD operationalises our sustainability requirements into structured processes and initiatives on a portfolio and project level with (project) specific measures, ensuring a comprehensive project early and proactive ESG management.  

Sustainability measures of our projects

In addition to our ambitions for governance, social responsibility is integrated into internal as well as external activities. We are especially dedicated to implementing a social management approach into the planning phase of our projects as well as the operational management of our portfolio, for example through local stakeholder engagement. The process for stakeholder engagement in projects is outlined on the right.

Moreover, through the SPPD processes, we are aiming to protect the environment by minimising our impacts on biodiversity through responsible project development and management. The preservation of biological diversity is part of our aim to contribute to a sustainable development. We protect existing flora and fauna in direct surrounding and local neighbourhoods of our projects by for example conserving or creating meadows and trees or working with our service providers to actively reduce their environmental footprint.

Find out more about our sustainability measures realised on project level here.