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Aquila Capital Team Susanne Wermter
Susanne Wermter

As Chair, Susanne is responsible for leading the shareholder committee of Aquila Clean Energy EMEA and mainly focused on strategic matters. She also ensures high governance standards within the company and amongst its board. Susanne has led and built the company as CEO from 2013 to 2024.

Aquila Capital Team Wojtek Andrew
Andrew Wojtek
Chief Executive Officer

Andrew joined Aquila Group in 2015 and has over 15 years’ experience in infrastructure and energy investing. Since Februrary 2024, he is leading Aquila Clean Energy EMEA as CEO and as such, has overall responsibility for the performance and development of the company.

Marc Lohoff Portrait
Marc Lohoff
Chief Operating Officer

Marc Lohoff dirige el equipo de ejecución de proyectos en EMEA y, como tal, es responsable de las actividades de ingeniería, construcción y adquisición de la cartera de Aquila Clean Energy EMEA. Trabaja en el sector de las energías renovables desde 2009.

Torsten Klee
Torsten Klee
Chief Financial Officer

Torsten joined Aquila Clean Energy in 2021 and is in charge of finance. With in-depth insights and by monitoring Aquila Clean Energy’s data and numbers, his team helps driving our strategic decisions, as well as serving our external stakeholders with crucial financial information.

Aquila Capital Team Sebastian Krull
Sebastian Krull
Head of Corporate Solutions

Sebastian has a legal background and started his career at Aquila Capital in the legal department after working for several international law firms (M&A and Regulatory). Together with his team he focuses on our corporate operations (e. g. Governance, Processes, Regulatory) and interfaces with stakeholders within the Aquila Group and investment structures.

Aquila Capital Team Joakim Johnsen
Joakim Johnsen
Head of Markets & Operations

Joakim leads the power markets team which is responsible for PPAs, market research and commercial optimisation of the asset portfolio. He is also responsible for the operation of our assets across Europe, as well as the development & construction activities in Central and Northern Europe. He has been in the company since 2017.

Guillaume Lasserre
Guillaume Lasserre
Head of Investment Management

Guillaume Lasserre is heading a team of 20+ investment professionals in Germany and Spain. Since joining Aquila Group in 2018, he has managed or supervised the acquisition of renewables and battery storage projects ranging from early stage development to operational status in more than 10 different European countries. He has more than fifteen years of transaction experience, including more than eight of those in the renewables space.

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